Ever since seeing the Wanderlust limited edition from M&S on Terri's blog, I could barely stop thinkin' about it. Well, not that I'd be thinking about it 24/7, but I've been thinking about it enough to pop into M&S's on my way back from work & grab a few bits! These are the gems from my basket. 

Wanderlust blusher (£6, M&S): Do you remember the Andy Warhol collection by Nars?! I swear that must be the most awesome & unique make-up collection ever. Right gorgeous artistry. And so is this M&S duo blusher - with an image of a deer, ooooh! The colour of this blush comes out more of a dusky pink than what it looks like in the pan (which I think is more coral-toned). The stayin power is pretty good, too.
Wanderlust lipstick in Plum Shine (£5, M&S): I'm definitely not your regular vampy lip kinda gal, but I do enjoy wearing a bold lip from now & then. This lipstick is uber creamy with glossy finish, although it does not translate on my lips as aggressive as it looks in the bullet. In real life it's much softer cool vibrant pink with a hint of purple fuchsia. To be honest, the lasting power is not brilliant - it comes off after a glass of Lambrini, but it does look lush for the time being & is miles from bein drying.

Have you picked up any of these gems in M&S yet?