Hello Stella, you beautiful lady! You have one wicked little perfume nose, you do! It was earlier this year when I first sniffed the mighty Stella McCartney's fragrances and I have been truly in love ever since. Each of them is slightly different with a unique touch of alternatively layered notes or a different floral petal here or there, but they all go perfectly with the wearer's (hey, that is me!) personality.

Stella McCartney Summer which I mentioned in this post about my perfume collection, radiates rose scent as the main note, which makes it a gorgeous light sweet floral scent for warmer weather. Lily, on the other hand, is made of the lily of the valley (the deep, forest kind). Stella apparently explained that the acronym L.I.L.Y. stands for 'Linda, I love you' - a nickname her dad came up for her mum - how absolutely sweet! Here's how Stella describes the scent herself:     

'L.I.L.Y is a journey through the senses. It begins with the smell of a spring morning, dappled sunlight through the trees and a vision of delicate lily of the valley. It is the passage of time across a forest floor. The touch of moss and the darker intensity of truffles. It is masculine and earthy, but still seductive and sensual.'

Lily is way deeper and darker than Summer; hence is ideal for the autumn/winter season. You can get it on Fragrance Direct (my favourite Christmas shopping destination at the moment *hint hint*) for £37.99 (30ml), plus they sell all the other Stella fragrances, too! 

Have you got one particular brand of fragrance that you'd stick to or do you change your perfumes up a lot?