With Christmas oh so very very quickly approaching, there's a lot of gift guides flying around at the moment. As I'm not exactly the band waggon person, it might take me a while to come up with a guide, so for now - I will show you a few bits & pieces I think would make for absolutely gorgeous gifts. E.g. this rather clever concept of perfumed jewellery

Perfumed Jewelry is a brand that came up with the concept of connecting two very feminine items - perfumes & jewellery - and creating a brand new product: a pendant that releases your favourite scent for 28+ days! Oh, wow! There's a number of different filigree lockets - the one I have is called Enchanted* - which you can open and put a crystal of your favourite perfume into. I have Chanel No5 - and it smells absolutely gorgeous. It's a rather evening scent for me, so I shall be saving this gem for some rather special occasions. Although the scent is quite strong - it does come on quite a long chain so don't worry about bein' all sneezy when wearing it. You can three crystals - and one crystal stays scented for around a month's time. There's a trick though - if you'd like to make the most of your crystals, just pop them into the little jar when you're not using it. 

A beautiful present, I have to say! You can browse more designs on the Perfumed Jewelry website.     

Have you come across the concept of perfumed jewellery before?
What do you think about it?