Lately I've been finding my peace of mind in colour coordination. Probably a tad strange, but hey - whatever makes you happy, right? Colour coordination as such will probably be a thread entwined into a few of my upcomin' posts, starting today - with party essentials for this season, full of glitter and gold & black tones. Imagine a snow blanket with rays of sunshine reflecting on it - that cool, sharp but somehow fuzzy look, that's what I'm thinkin'. 

You can get away with pretty much any going out dress for this season (and I'm talking as wild as leather, chiffon, tapestry!), as long as you pair it up with a bling bling clutch (this one is a roll up one from New Look - a life saver if you're that trippin' over kind of gal with your handbag flying wide open across the dance floor - been there, done that). If you're dress is on the plain side, then pair it up with a bold gem belt (another New Look pick) and maybe a statement necklace (mixing textures is soo in this season - don't fear this bold floral necklace with clear and black gems on a thick black rope).

As far as make-up goes, I've been loving a very classic polished look lately. That means whatever full coverage matte base you're currently using, teamed with a petal pink beauty of MAC Rose Quartz mineralize blush (very fine shimmer adds a gorgeous glow), a bold red lip and a very simple & clean eye make-up. For my eyes I've been enjoying Illamasqua Slink eyeshadow all over the lid and as a highlighter on my nose and cupid's bow, together with Eyeko liquid metal eyeliners - Rose Gold on the bottom lash line & Black on the top - with a swanky cat flick, obvs! Top it off with a heavy coating of Eyeko Black Magic mascara and you're good to go! Oh no, you're not - you forgot your lipstick! You know what? Just throw Jane Iredale PureMoist lipstick in Magi into your handbag and apply it on the go - it's such a gorgeous formula you don't even need a lip liner to get a bold red colour with comfortable wear!

If you're looking for a pretty yet affordable party dress, I'd suggest poppin' into high street stores such as New Look; they have some beautiful pieces this season. I actually picked up my graduation dress from there a few months back and it makes a brilliant piece for interviews and formal job meetings! 

Do you enjoy Christmas parties?
What are you wearing for your next night out?