Although the weather outside is absolutely poo (can't it just be nice or horrible, not change every other hour?!), I got a little cheered by this awesome pair of Ray-Ban aviators! Now Justin decided it was time for me to get behind the wheel (I've had my driving license since I was 18 - and that's also the last time I attempted to drive a car), I always carry these with me. Even though the weather seems dull and foggy, you never know when you get blinded by the erratic English sun. In addition to that, my eyes have been getting pretty poorly because I've been staring at computer screen way too much lately, so they are in need of some extra TLC now.

Aviators are the only sunglasses in the universe that make me look like a decent person and not like a scary fly mutant, so finally having a pair the real deal Ray-Bans makes my heart skip just a little. They fit so much better than my £3 knock offs, and don't give me the daunting nose tingle some glasses do (ask people with awkward nose bone structures for more details on nose tingle) or behind-the-ears-ache. God bless Mr Ray-Ban!

This particular pair of Ray-Ban RB3025 Aviators is from Vision Direct - they have loads more styles of both designer glasses & sunglasses (at some very tempting prices *hint hint nudge nudge dear Santa*), as well as a vast range of affordable contact lenses.    
Do you wear sunglasses in winter?
What's your favourite Ray-Ban pair, give me some inspiration for my next pair!