You know when there's something slightly odd happening but you just can't put your finger on what exactly it is? Well, that was the case with my skincare routine. You can read about my evening skincare routine here & think about it yourself - what was wrong with it, hm! Well, now I know - I was missing a tonic. Specifically, I was missing G Baldwin & Co's Revitalising skin tonic with pomegranate, bilberry & rose*. Yes, that's exactly what I was missing.

Now, jokes aside - I never realized how much difference can something so seemingly unimportant make. I used to use an alcohol-based toner when I was younger because apparently it was meant to help dry out spots, and I never thought that toners could be for something else. This particular tonic from G Baldwin & Co is alcohol-free and doesn't dry my skin - it actually adds moisture, nourishes and tightens my pores! In addition to that, it adds my routine a sort of a final step - a refreshing step. 

Even the list of ingredients makes you feel so fresh & pampered:

➳ Rose water
➳ Lavender water
➳ Aloe Vera juice
➳ Geranium water
➳ Orange flower water
➳ Melissa water
➳ Cucumber extract
Pomegranate extract
Distilled witch hazel
Bilberry extract
Sodium ascorbyl phosphate

I use it with a cotton pad every morning & every evening as a final step of my skincare routine & my skin could not look more grateful. It might be just the refreshing feel that it gives, but even my under eye bags have been looking a tad less horrendous lately! 

You can buy a massive 150ml bottle from G Baldwin & Co website here. It costs less than a tenner!
Do you use a toner as a part of your skincare routine?
Or do you consider it as an 'extra' step that you don't need?