Concealer pots. What nifty little things, hey? Most of them seem like they have never ending contents & you can carry them in your handbag without the fear of your concealer leaking all over your phone & that beautiful sleek matte Nars packaging of your favourite lipstick (true story). Here's a little rundown of my own concealer pot collection - because 24 year olds nowadays don't collect stamps anymore - concealer pots are da thing!

Jemma Kidd Concealer duo (£4.99, E-bay): I think you'll agree when I say that Jemma Kidd as a brand got the most famous when it started goin' downhill. When the products were in full stock, I had absolutely no interest in them. Once they started popping up in TKMaxx & on E-bay, I started investigating. A product that stood out the most was this concealer duo - the best concealer I've used up to this date. It's so thick & so creamy it covers the uncoverable & conceals even the most prominent under eye bags. Read a full review here
Essence Match2Cover (around £1.50, DM drugstores): Now saying that the above concealer is the best concealer I've tried, this little Essence duo is probably the crappiest one. Even the lightest shade is what a fairly tanned person would call a tangerine terror. *sigh* In addition to the ridiculous shades, the coverage is basically non-existant. It covers your under eye bags in the thinnest film of grease, to put it nicely. Ew.

Seventeen Phwoarr paint (£5.49, Boots): My recent favourite. I hate the name, love the product. It's almost as good as the Jemma Kidd one, but not as thick. Phwoarr still gives an impressive coverage and stays put for most of the day. I also like the little mirror it comes with, makin' it the ultimate handbag essential

Catrice Camouflage cream (around £2, BabyBaby): I've seen so many people rave about this. SO MANY. So I decided to buy it & love it. Yeaaah *awkward pause* that did not happen. I think the name is really sweet & the overall design is pretty dece' for two quid, but I guess the 'camouflage' name got my hopes a bit too high. Now don't get me wrong - it's an alright concealer. It's about million percent better than the Essence one, but it falls behind the likes of Jemma Kidd & Seventeen, unfortunately. It gives a good coverage, but is still more greasy than creamy. *sigh*  

What about you & concealer pots?
Yes, no, maybe a new hoarding ambition?