You don't need to be sport manic to enjoy a tad of a sporty fashion vibe, ya know! All those tops with stripes & massive numbers that make absolutely no sense to you, those are called jerseys & wearing them turns you to an ultimate sports fan (although you might be unsure why you'd be supporting something as insanely cute as penguins, the real sports people won't laugh at ya, they'll understand what the Penguins are). 

I'm not a sports person myself, in fact I couldn't be less of a sports person even if I tried, so if you're looking for real sports wear, you'll have to go somewhere like the Hockey Factory Shop (they sell real hockey bags & even those sticks hockey players use!), or you know, your local football club shop. But if you're looking for oversized tops with double digits on them and maybe a random city or animal name on it, or even little earrings with hockey players which you can get on E-bay, just read on.        

Cat jersey (£9)
Hockey player earrings (£7.95)
Fox baseball t-shirt (£14.99)
Varsity American football crop top (£6)
Chicago jersey (£7.74)
Miami jersey (£10)
Varsity college jersey (£9.99)

And how to wear these? Throw on some leggings & a pair of Vans and *bang* you're read to go!  

Are you a varsity style fan?
Do you actually own a real deal football top/jersey?!