CAT FASHION alert! As in, not little t-shirts & tiny pants for cats (that shall be a topic for a whole another post) but human-sized t-shirts & tank tops with cats on them.

You can get loads of cat tops & dresses, even leggings, on E-bay but it's not very often that you'd come across a company that makes various high quality prints on American Apparel tops! Skip N' Whistle from New Orleans is quite unique in this matter & offers over 500 designs of prints to choose from available on different clothing items - tank tops, t-shirts, sweatshirts, scarves - both for men & women as well as kids. I was kindly sent this cat t-shirt & have to say - it is probably the best clothing item with cat print I own - although it is a cat t-shirt, it doesn't have that childish look that cat tops usually have (you know, smily cats with pink bow ties *awk*) and the material is just so so soft. Even Justin said that it's a really nice top - & that means something because he literally despises all my cat clothes, haha! Oh, and did I say that the top only costs something like £14?! B-A-R-G-A-I-N. 

And now you can get 15% off the price! Woop woop!
Enter 'Cityscape15' at the check out!     

Army green parka with leather sleeves - Primarni
Burgundy skinnies - H&M
Black faux leather tote bag - Select
Black faux leather lace up boots - E-bay

Is there any print you're absolutely crazy about?
Maybe a cat print?