If you're following me on Instagram, you might now that on Friday the mighty graduation ceremony of University College Birmingham happened. Okay, it might have not been that mighty, but my mum travelled all the way from Czech Republic to see it! *proud moment* 

I'm not a very emotional person when it comes to achievements - I wouldn't have even gone to my graduation if it wasn't for my mum getting all over excited and planning her graduation outfit two months in advance! But I have to admit that getting a paper confirming I'm a flippin' Master at something, that makes me feel rather smug. Apart from the whole graduation ceremony buzz - and trust me, I was more than thrilled that my mummy made a trip from Czech Republic just to sit in the audience & clap proudly *awh*, I was happy to take her for a few trips around the Midlands. One of them was to the Heart of the Country - one of the cutest shopping villages I've been to! 

Unfortunately, my dad is a worrier and is too scared to get on a plane, so he didn't come - that also meant that my mum spent only 3 days here instead of a full week, because my dad would most likely die on starvation back home if left for any longer. *sigh* I really wish she (& dad - although I've given up on the idea of him coming to the UK, like, ever) could stay for a bit longer so we could have a proper holiday together. I'd really like to take her to the Lake District and even to London for a bit. The other day I saw an add for Short Let London - a company that offers short term lets in London for real cheap. Would be brilliant for her, because my mum's not exactly a 5 star hotel type of woman, she prefers her own space if that makes sense. Maybe one day, maybe one day. That's the sort of spirit you get when you see your parents once a year, haha!

Do you see your parents very often?