In yesterday's post on Pantone I sort of hinted that there will be another Pantone inspired post. Yes - a Pantone inspired make-up this time. I picked turbulence (again, oops!) & vivacious - which is, compared to the slightly boring deep grey, a very fun fuchsia toned pink!  

Vichy Dermablend foundation: If you're looking for a full coverage drugstore foundation, look no further. This is the fullest coverage you can get. Even fuller than Revlon. What is good about Dermablend though is that it's not thick and mask-like. It actually feels really light on skin, doesn't break you out and doesn't clog your pores. Winner!
Touch in SOL Make-up Boomer: One of the two best brightening skin bases I've tried - read a full review here.
Seventeen Phwoarr Paint concealer: Here's the thing: I love the product, hate the name. As if you didn't expect that - who would name a concealer Phwoarr (I can't even flippin' type it right!) *rolls eyes* Apart from the eye rolling name, this heavy duty concealer is absolutely amazing. The only think from Seventeen's range that I actually love and I shall repurchase once it runs out. Look at the picture above - where are the under eye bags? Where?!!
Sleek Face Contour kit: I'm a real contouring slacker. But when I do, this is the contour kit I use.
Clinique blush in Baby Rouge: Some hideously old edition of Clinique - it doesn't have expiry date on it and I only just bought in a carboot sale, so don't judge me. It is a really lovely berry colour though - it looks slightly darker in real life and will be great throughout the whole autumn season. 
Fashionista brow kit: A brow kit. A good brow kit. With good grey-toned browns. Yes.
Catrice City palette: Yet another slightly old edition - oops. It's old, it's good & the names of shades I used are Tiergarten & Branderburger Tor. How flippin' cute?!
Touch in SOL Eyeshadow kit in Smoky Blue: I only used the white shade from this palette, but have to say - the quality of these is amazing. Although they have quite a great fall-off, the pigmentation is really vivid and they stay on for ages. I shall show you the whole eye make-up with this palette soon, it looks lush!
Measurable Difference Amplifying Liquid Lash Extensions: I've already blogged about this here - but yet again, you can see how long this makes my lashes look!
Oriflame Demi lipstick in Cherry Delight: These lipsticks are quite expensive (around £15 at the moment), but the consistency is gorgeous - it looks like a lip lacquer on my lips, doesn't it? And they have the coolest click-in mechanism. Check out the full review here

What's your favourite full coverage foundation at the moment?