Pantone, Pantone. Have you ever realized how much the Pantone colour matching system influences the world outside? Well, maybe not in every single thing, but it's a pretty strong colour tool - for editors, designers... fashionistas, make-up artists. I thought that this autumn I may try and get inspired by the Pantone's autumn 2013 colour chart - since the colours and right up my alley and very easy to work with (& for once I might be spot on trend!). Here's are a few outfit & make-up picks - mainly from the Heine website (yet another you may have not heard of?) - inspired by turbulence & samba.  

feminine shirt blouse: This is exactly something I'd wear - pretty warm colour with golden detailing, all wrapped up in a comfy shape!
sexy suck-up bustier: Oh dear, if only I could blog about lingerie more without making my little blog a gathering spot for pervs. *sigh* This piece is absolutely stunning - like, why do most women think they can't wear this every (other) day! These bustier things are actually unbelievably comfy & you can eat whatever you want whole day & noone can tell.. muhahaha!
grey jeggings: Jeggings, leggings, whatever the -gings are, I shall have a pair, please. A long time ago I realized that I'm not a jeans person, I'm not a trousers person, I'm not even a skirts person that much - I'm a -gings person. The most comfortable my bum has ever felt, it's in a pair like the one above!
grey lace up boots: I actually bought a pair of boots like these the other day - just in black and with a slightly lower heel (because I'm boring like that) but these definitely add to the overall feminine feel of the look!
grey shopping tote: This one is actually Michael Kors - slightly more expensive than my usual taste, but it's one gorgeous handbag and I'm sure places like Zara might have a similar bag in stock.
grey/black earrings: Again, for the feminine edge - I'd wear a pair of quite bling-y earrings, just to emphasize the girliness
red lipstick: I'm a huge fan of Topshop lipsticks! Lately they have brought out a few more shades - one of them being Trigger - almost a ruby berry red, mmm!
dark red lip liner: With dark red lip comes a matching lip liner - does not necessarily need to be Nars, anything that you feel comfortable wearing! Or none at all - if you're not a lip liner girl!
red nail polish: I'm on it - the Essie bandwagon. I'm on it, and there's nothing I can do. I actually almost picked up this colour - Fishnet Stockings - today in Superdrug. Urgh, shame on me! (for not picking it up)
grey eye shadows: Again, does not need to be Nars - it can be any grey eye shadow that you already own. Tomorrow you can check out my make-up look which will have some turbulence shade in it. 


What do you think, are you going to be playing around with the Pantone chart?