You most likely know that I love BB creams & am always on a look out for a new one to try - proof is here, here, here, here, here AND here. As a rule of the thumb, I have not yet tried a BB cream that would be good enough for me and would also cost less than £11.40 (Touch in SOL), so I have to say I'm rather thrilled to introduce you to the so-far-the-most-affordable-yet-amazing BB cream I've tried: Oriflame Skin Dream BB cream in Fair*.

Oriflame is one of the brands that just keep surprising me - with their click in Chanel-esque lipsticks, their satin core lipsticks, luxurious fragrances for a few quid, and the list goes on. How is this brand not even more popular, I can't get my head around. Despite all this, I didn't have very high expectations for their new BB cream launch - developing BB creams has proved rather difficult to companies outside of Asia, so what to expect from a Swedish brand? Erm, perhaps a lot?!

The Skin Dream BB cream comes in three shades - fair, light and medium. Now the summer's gone, my face is getting paler and paler, so I went with fair. And surprise, surprise - it really is fair. I think that even paler ladies than me would get away with it! The undertone is slightly gray-ish, but not as gray as your average Asian BB cream. The consistency is very similar to the Touch in SOL BB cream I tried before, maybe a bit sheerer, but feels just as comfortable on my skin, making it look more dewy, but not shiny at all. The coverage is, I'd say, medium, as it covers blemishes but can't really beat concealer when it comes to the under eye circles. It doesn't accentuate dry patches, and actually hydrates quite a lot - although I always put a moisturizer or serum underneath. I've been wearing it constantly for a week at least (maybe two?) now and it hasn't broken me out, it hasn't made my skin any worse - maybe even better than it was before. 

You can buy it via your Oriflame rep or their website - for £10! The product comes in a 30ml tube, which I thought was tiny, but soon I realized you don't need a lot of product so this little thing will probably last whole autumn/winter! 

(look at the concentration on Cookie's little face, haha!)

What's your favourite BB cream/foundation at the moment?