Measurable Difference is a brand you may have not heard of yet. They are a US company which specializes mainly in eye products - read eye liners, mascaras, lash serums etc. Their unique selling point is the fact that their products make difference - the products are fully tested, contain no parabens, harsh chemicals or drugs and the results are proven by elaborate studies & research. Well, that's what they say. Is it really true though?

Amplifying Liquid Lash Extensions* ($20): I'm not a huge fan of double ended mascaras - the first (and basically the last) try was the Fashionista double ended mascara (one side has fibres, the other black mascara), which left my lashes messy and gray. Yuck. Saying this - I was ready for a disappointment. What I wasn't ready were amazing eye-lid-piercing eyelashes! The pictures below speak for themselves. First you use the mascara end - just comb through your lashes for a thin coat. Then (no waiting-for-it-to-dry time required at all) you apply a coat of the white fibre (which doesn't even look too white on the lashes but does indeed coat them very well). And finally - another coat of mascara. Voila - seriously long lashes with added volume, plus the mascara contains RegenaLash, which is basically a lash serum. They don't look over the top but still make your lashes much more defined than any mascara I've tried before. For what is something ridiculous like £12, you get a lot of fun! I say: baaaargain!        

Amplifying Liquid Eyeliners* ($10 each): These eyeliners are meant to make your lashes look thicker, but they contain RegenaLash serum which nourishes your lashes. I've got one in black colour and one in brown, both are super easy to use - however I have to say that the words liquid eyeliner in this case actually means the products is liquid. Very liquid. It might take a while to get the grip of it - because it can bleed quite heavily if you don't wipe off the excess before application and then you have to wait for a few seconds for it to dry properly. Once you manage that - you're left with non-smudgeable eyeliner which won't budge even in the rainy weather outside! And again, for some £6, this is an absolute bargain!   

What's your favourite mascara at the moment?