This is the point when you might be wondering why am I writing about plus size underwear when my breasts are something you'd describe as satsumas at the best - they are definitely not large enough to make me an expert on plus size underwear, oh no. However - even with my one would probably say average breasts, I find it incredibly hard to find a good fitting bra. I've tried so many brands (from Asda to Boux Avenue), so many shapes (from balconettes to non-wired bras), so many bra shapers (extra or less padding) and in my whole life I only found 2 (two!) bras that fit me perfectly (I'm not even exaggerating). And you know what? It is THIS hard for someone with 34B which is, let's be honest, quite a regular size to have in stock in most shops. BUT - do you know what the actual average bra size is in the UK? 36D. Yes. 3-6-D. And how many bras in that size does, let's say, H&M (my favourite bra shop) stocks? Erm, an absolute minimum? 

This is the point when the world should be more aware of websites such as My Curves & Me. This brand specializes particularly in D+ bras with extra attention to the right fitting without compromising the prettiness. Yes, they do the whole plus size underwear package. You don't have to have the right fit with the horrible granny-fied look anymore, you don't have to have the prettiest bra with an overflowing side boob anymore. You can have it all! Just look at the wrong-fitted bra diagram below (probably the only thing I found interesting on the Daily Mail, ever) - how many of us are guilty of these faux pas? I am. And not because I'm a bra-goon, it's because companies are not very good at catering for different breast shapes & sizes.  

For all the D+ ladies - give My Curves & Me a go - you might find that they are THE brand that is right for you - you never know.

What's your favourite bra shop?