'I'm sorry but I can't see that properly' - one of my most repeated sentences ever. And that's a fact. I'm shortsighted and I can't be bothered to wear glasses. It's been like that since I was 15 and although I have three (!) pairs of glasses laying around, I'm still reckless enough not to wear them (and tend to forget where they are). *sigh* Lately though I have realized that my eyes are just getting worse (doh - someone should have slapped me a few years ago!), so this might be is the point when I need to start doing something before I turn as blind as a bat. Here are a few tips - things I've been doing to improve my sight, rather than make it even worse.   

Regular eye tests: This might sound silly, but although I've only had my newest pair of glasses for less than a year, they don't seem strong enough for me anymore *loudly swallows a lump in her throat*. If you work with computers/laptops, most likely you will be entitled for a free eye tests - and no, it doesn't hurt. They just measure your eyes with these funny glass-things, that's it. If you're not entitled to a free eye test at work, then you can either go to an optical specialist and pay for it or you can find a number of free eye tests online - Optical Express offers not only a free eye test but also discount on frames!
Right glasses: This goes hand in hand with regular eye tests, but it also means that you need to choose glasses that fit you (and your lifestyle) perfectly. My first pair of glasses was very fragile - no rims around the lenses, they were a very very fragile thing. I was proved right when I threw a pile of books on the table - and forgot the glasses were underneath. Now I know that my glasses need to be sturdy enough to survive laying under a pile of book, floating in my handbag without a case and generally being chucked about on a daily basis. Glasses are an expensive business, but if you pick the wrong pair, you're risking your sight gettin' worse. Companies like Optical Express have got a wide range of gorgeous glasses - e.g. these Tom Ford optical glasses which are right up my alley!  
Healthy diet: Ever heard that carrot makes your sight better? No matter how silly that might sound, it is actually true - carrots contain a high amount of vitamin A which contributes to improvement of photo-pigment in your eyes. The improvement is obviously not dramatic, but every little helps when it comes to your vision. Also, you should drink plenty of water and eat fruit & veg in general - the healthier you are, the less likely your sight is to deteriorate.  

Make-up: Never, NEVER use out of date make-up on your eyes. Don't share eye liners and mascaras with your friends (not ever your mum!). Not only that you're risking infection of your own eyes, but you can also cause infection to the ones you're sharing your make-up with. Stop poking your eye out with that mascara wand and don't use eye liner on your waterline every day. Don't even make me start on fake eyelashes and coloured lenses.  

Work routine: If you're using computers/laptops at work, make sure that you have regular breaks, get some fresh air or even splash water on your face. Try and keep at least 30cm distance between your eyes and the screen. Imagine straining your muscles in the gym for 8 hours or so - that's how your eyes feel after your work day.  

Reading books: If you're reading paper books or e-books, make you sure you have a good source of light, otherwise your eyes are, yet again, under an unnecessary strain. Are you a fan of e-books but can't afford a Kindle so you keep reading books from your iPhone/other smartphone? Stop it. These devices have not been made specifically for e-reading. The white background as well as the sharp light does hurt your eyes, no matter what excuse you come up with. Either read a paper book or save up for a little e-reader like Kobo - it costs only £30 (way less than a pair of glasses!) and your eyes will thank you for it.

Sunglasses: Another point I'm not very good at. *sigh* Sunglasses are very important (as if you didn't know), so be careful when you're choosing your pair - get the right UV protection and the right shape (they should be covering your eyes fully). And one more thing - the sun doesn't shine only in summer - it shines in winter too! 

Do you suffer from poor vision? 
What's your top tip to keep your eyes healthy?