I'm not exactly a baby person (soz all the baby-loving peeps out there!), but when I see a cute baby all I can think of is that I would buy it all sorts of fluffy furry things to wear because that would make it about million times cuter than it probably already is. Alex & Alexa online store is one wonderful place to shop for cutesy wootsy designer pieces for children & babies - especially the furry ones (clothes, not babies). 

Fun & Fun Smoke curly fur gilet
Mayoral Faux fur gilet with a belt
DKNY Cream faux fur shearling gilet
Muchacha Grey faux fur hooded cape
Moschino Black fur snow boots
Marc Jacobs Red faux fur leather handbag

Seriously - how cute are all these things?! They also have a wide range of ski & winterwear for kids - like, real winterwear, not just cute furry pieces, you know.  And on the top of the furry cuteness, Alex & Alexa also sells homeware - for instance these adorable little animal lamps. Oh yes, it is a Miffy on a cloud & yes, you can hang it so it looks like it's levitating. And the bear is called Nanuk! *claps hands with excitement* 

Have you got any of these animal lamps?
I might do. Might. A bunny. Just maybe.