Considering that autumn is literally behind the door it was a really nice weather this weekend - even though it rained a little bit, it was still warm enough to walk around the canals of Walsall in just a short sleeved t-shirt, yes! Just in case the rain got out of the hand, I pulled out my adorable new Joules wellies with dog print - can wellies get any cuter?!

Not that this is some amazingly inspirational outfit - but then you dey really need to wear a skort & peplum blazer to a dirty Walsall canal, ennit! So I put on a pair of dark blue jeggings from Primarni (a bargain of £7 - believe it or not), a burgundy H&M top (the most comfortable and flattering t-shirt in my wardrobe at the moment) and Joules navy wellies with dog print (from Surfdome for £39.90, here you can see more of them). The wellies are obviously the main piece in the game - I can already tell that I'm gonna be religiously wearing them every single rainy day! I also had my St Christopher pendant (I never leave the house without it - got it from Justin for my birthday in March - St Christopher is a saint patron of all travellers, and with my superstitious nature, it would not be worth the risk goin' about a single day without it) and my kitty cat watch from New Look (was a bargain for some £4 on sale).

What's your favourite destination for weekend walks?
Have you ever bought something from before?