There are loads of more or less traditional autumn nail polish colour picks flying around at the moment, so I thought I'd add my cent to the discussion - here are my top 5 autumn nail polish picks that will make you go WOW.

➝ Revlon Facets of Fuchsia (£1 from Poundworld or £2.89 from Amazon): the most beautiful, stunning black purple nail polish with purple facets of glitter. The only glitter nail polish I know that doesn't need a black base - you put 2-3 coats on and you're left with subtle yet very effective dark glitter nails!
➝ Revlon Ruby Ribbon (£1 from Poundland or £3.87 from Amazon): what happens when you mix matte burgundy and silver? You get a smooth velvet texture with subtle silver shimmer in it. Not your standard autumn burgundy nail polish at all - this one has a twist!

➝ OPI Rising Star (£10 from HQHair): oh my God, I can't even describe how amazing this colour is - imagine something like liquid gold and yellow autumn leaves scrunched into one bottle. Adds a nice pop of autumn warmth to your day! 

➝ MUA Stormy Skies (£1 from Superdrug): very dark army green (or greeen - is that what a combination of grey & green would look like?) with high shine and a tad of silver shimmer on the top - can't go wrong with a colour like this - although - since when stormy skies have a green tinge?!

➝ Beauty UK GritFX Banksy (£3.49 from Superdrug): out of all the funky textures out there, this is one of the more wearable ones. This gritty texture might be rather unbearable for some, but definitely does add an edge to the boring grey colour.  

What's your favourite WOW autumn nail polish?