Although I don't usually torture myself with wishlists - how frustrating wishlists can be when you want (read need) so many things but haven't got the cash for them?! - but this time I actually plan on buying all these things and my budget for this month should cover them all - yes!

black skinny jeans: apparently Primarni has got a pair like this in their new AW13 collection for something silly like a tenner?! I already got a pair of dark blue & burgundy jeggings from there the other day (for £7 a pair) and although I am fully aware that they won't last for the whole season, but hey - for the money I think it's well worth it!

black fedora hat: I have a burgundy one with wide rim from H&M which I got last winter - that one is goin' to make a pretty speedy comback! - but would love to sport a smaller black version this year too, hopefully H&M will sort me out for less than a tenner, fingers crossed.

white blazer with black leather sleeves: H&M. £29. The sexiest blazer ever. That's all I've got to say. 

a cat stamping set: so here's the thing. Apparently an average UK household has got 11 books. I have 130+ and that only includes books that are here in the UK with me, I probably have another shed load back in Czech Republic. If you own a decent amount of books you realize that you develop a function on a little library among your friends. And not all people (not even your friends) always realize that books can be more precious to some than to others, so when they borrow your books, they don't always take care of it the way they should - or they decide never to return it. *sigh* For the above reasons I'd like to start stamping my books with my own ex libris. It's a rather traditional way to say it's your book without destroying it, but hopefully it will remind people where the home of that particular book is. *cough cough*  

Chi's Sweet Home Vol 1: because someone (hey you Lizzums!) pointed me in the right direction to the manga series called Chi's Sweet Home and I totally fell for it - I decided to give the book a go. C'mon - a manga book about a little lost kitten that call herself a puddle of wee? That just can't be bad!

Essie Fill the Gap: after trying Essie nail care Rock Solid base coat which is absolutely amazing (read a full review here), I thought that Fill the Gap could be good for filling the ripped off layers of my nails - oh God, that sounds gross. Well my nails basically split, but erm, in a horizontal way, so the layers keep peeling off? They are way stronger than what they used to, but this still happens a lot, so there are random empty gaps in the surface of my nails which you can see even under nail polish. Would be cool to see whether this helps!

What's on your shopping list this month?