'The internet is made of cats, the internet is made of cats - cats, cats, cats, cats, cats!'

Have you ever realized how much impact cats have on your life? And you don't even have to like them! Cats are stunning creatures and humans take inspiration from them every day - from cat flicks to kitten heels. And probably the other way round too - Cookie has picked up some annoying habits from me too easily - one of them being his grumpiness when you wake him up in the middle of his nap, haha! Well, today I will show you how to awaken the sexy (not the cranky kitten) cat spirit in you every day of the year!

Catwoman is one of the sexiest superheros/villains out there (except the new Superman, yeaaaah, she ain't sexier than him *dribbles*). According to a survey about top Halloween costumes for 2013, that beautiful catburglar made it to the top 5 female costumes, woah! Just after the zombie scrub nurse, obviously! So that's Halloween for this year sorted, but.. that's just one of the 365 days a year.

On the other 364 days, you can still use your Catwoman skills to conquer the world. Fashion is all about cats, cats, cats... and kittens. The whole trend of tight leather trousers was inspired by Catwoman, have you ever realized? If you're not a fan of leather trousers - you can go for shiny leggings or even disco pants - anything that highlights your silhouette and those stunning curves of yours. Or even shorts & hotpans (if you have a kitten curves for those!). Leather leotards and bralets? TICK. Black leather heels and over-knee boots? TICK. And have you seen the cat ear head bands they sell in Topshop? I hear you say they're are out of fashion? Naaah, cat ears are never out of fashion, trust me on that one! I've even seen gloves that look like cat paws!
And make-up! Not that you have to draw cat whiskers on every other day, you know - it's enough to go for a strong brow, an eyeliner flick or black eyeliner around the whole eye (personal tip: it looks lush when you use your eyeliner to optically adjust the shape of your eye and make it look a little bit more cat like - can't go wrong with it for a night out).    

Viva la chat!
 (that is probably totally wrong)
Who's your favourite superhero/villain?