Walsall markets, at least the most interesting car-boot-sale-esque ones are hold on Wednesdays - and obviously, it doesn't happen that often that I'm at home on Wednesday (you know, bloggers are sometimes full-time employed by someone else other than their own blog), so when I woke up today & realized it's Wednesday and it's my day off - I was out of the door in five! And you would not believe what I found!  

There's this little Curio shop in one of Walsall's side streets, where I've wanted to go for ages, but because it's so out of my way, I just always forget. I was over the moon when I realized that this very same shop has got a little (read massive quadruple) stall at the market! I picked up one of these little kitties (the one with broken nose, poor thing!) for 50p there. Then I walked down a few more stalls and saw its twin! How lucky?! The lady wanted £2 because apparently it is from 1950s and it's erm vintage - but hey, couldn't leave him there and he was in much better condition than his broken-nosed bro. 

And then it happened - I found the coolest make-up stall! Okay, let's just make this clear - market make-up is usually rank, even more rank than Walsall Poundland, but this stall was, different. The lady was super nice & most of the things she was selling were sealed. She had a few baskets of high end products which I had to rummage though, doh - and she also had some vintage MAC! How cool is that?! I didn't pick that up, for obvious reasons, but I did splash about £9 altogether on these little gems! I picked up a little Clinique blush - probably another slightly vintage edition, because I don't remember seeing these green pans? It's a lovely cherry colour though which is very different from my usual picks, so will make a nice addition to my collection. I also picked up two Estee Lauder mono eyeshadows in pans - one of them is a gorgeous khaki green & the other one is actually from their gelee collection, which is pretty recent! It's in a stunning bronze colour. I also grabbed a mini version of Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion (for £3 it would be rude not to give it a go!) and a Ruby & Millie nail polish - which looks much better in the bottle than it does on my nails, boo! Finally, I picked up this strange, strange product - Mary Quant Lip Compact, which really is a lip powder. I've never heard of this brand before - it seems to be a UK make, but only sells in Japan? I shall investigate - not only more about the company, but also how to use a lip powder?! Does anyone know?     

Do you ever go to local markets?
Are yours as cool as the Walsall ones?