I have been praising Ginvera BB cream so much that I can safely say that it is the best product I've discovered through blogging so far. You can see the Ginvera odes here & here. Nevertheless, I'd be lying if I said that Ginvera was the only good BB I tried - and I was well into the whole BB mania, trust me. These are the tops three BB creams that I believe are worth investing into - Ginvera BB cream, Vichy Idealia* & Touch in SOL Pure Dew Water Drop*.

Let's have a closer look at these three gems:
  • Ginvera BB cream (£18 for 25ml): You can read a full review here. It's the first BB cream that I've tried which actually felt like a BB cream - it not only makes your skin look naturally flawless but it also hydrates, nourishes and overall makes my skin look better au naturel. The shade might seem slightly grayish to you, but once it's on your skin and it has oxidised, it adapts to your natural shade. 
  • Vichy Idealia (£21 for 40ml): Most likely the only so-called Western BB cream that made it this far with me - I've got the shade Medium, which is slightly darker than my natural skin tone, however I took with me on holiday and once I got a bit of tan, it looked brilliant. It is a tiny bit greasier than Ginvera, however it does set after a while. Surprisingly enough, I'd say it gives a little less coverage than Ginvera or Touch in SOL - it leans towards tinted moisturizer formula, but it still doesn't feel like a mask (which tinted moisturizers just do on my skin *yuck*).  
  • Touch in SOL Pure Dew Water Drop (£11.40 for 35ml): Probably the best price/value out of the three, Touch in SOL BB cream came as a massive surprise to me! Imagine Ginvera with a slightly more matte finish (or the same formula drying into a powder finish). That's Pure Dew Water Drop BB. Spot on. It has got a very similar formula to Ginvera, provides similar coverage and makes my skin feel much nicer after I used it, but gives less dewy effect. Perfect for those with slightly oilier skin! 
If a friend asked me which one I'd recommend, I'd say Ginvera for dry skin, mainly for the summer season, Vichy Idealia for dry & cold winter times and Touch in SOL all year around for those who think Ginvera is too dewy (greasy) for them!

What are your top 3 BB creams/foundations?