I do enjoy a little challenge (or two), so when Henryka launched a competition on styling their amber jewellery, I thought it was quite an unusual task! Amber is quite a tricky gem (did you know it's actually a fossilised tree resin?), it's got a very distinct colour & therefore some may find it very difficult to put together an appropriate outfit that would go with it. Here are a few tips on how I'd style amber jewellery myself!

To illustrate my ideas I've picked this stunning statement necklace from Henryka's new amber & linen range. It's very robust, however I feel that the combination of amber & linen gives the necklace a softer edge. Because of its boldness it's a piece that screams statement & may make you think there are only limited ways how to style it. On the contrary - amber jewellery is timeless (my mum's got this amazing amber necklace from her nan & yet it looks like a contemporary piece, trust me) and there are always a million and one ways to style it! 

Although the necklace looks rather fancy & for £91 it makes me think it should be only worn for an afternoon tea with the Queen, it would actually look really nice with a casual white tee/white pumps/black leather trousers outfit! Keeping your outfit low-key gives you the option to spice it up either with your make-up or jewellery & still look casual. Since I've added the statement amber necklace, I kept the make-up rather plain - nude lipstick, dark eyeliner or a simple smokey eye and a light summer fragrance. To complete the look I've added little amber stud earrings - because I never feel like my outfit is complete without earrings!

As I've already hinted - if you can afford this amber necklace, you can probably afford a dress that costs a few hundred quid too, which makes this breath-taking Lanvin dress an option! Its bold colours & simple flattering cut make the necklace look a bit matchy matchy but still stand out as a statement part of the outfit. I'd wear it with either mustard heels or boots and dark blue dangly earrings and combine it with a pop of colour in form of bright orange lipstick, navy/orange eyeshadow & a Lanvin perfume to complete the 'Lanvin' look!

You can enter the Henryka blogger competition here & win £100, woop woop!

Do you own any amber jewellery?
How do YOU style it?