I don't usually blog about separate products unless they are really worth it. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong about individual reviews - I used to do them too, however after almost 2 years of blogging I've tried such an amount of products that I feel like it's harder to impress me now. Touch in SOL is a brand new UK company selling Korean cosmetics. Did someone say Korean?? Then I'm feckin' on it, innit! The first product that's worth mentioning is Touch in SOL I'll get lip, you stain lip stain in a pot*. Mine is in shade beige pink. 

'But it's in a pot, and that's not hygienic, it's gross!' I hear you say. Well, I guess it is - but there are so many positives about this stain that we can forget it's in a pot, just this one time. The packaging is really cute, the bottom of the pot is made of thick glass which gives it a rather expensive feel. The pot is divided into two sections - a lip balm & a lip stain. The sections are quite small and therefore the brand supplies you with a little lip brush to be able to access the product easily. Nevertheless, this is one of the main flaws of this lip stain - the brush is, how to put it nicely, not very practical. It's too stiff - it's hard to apply the product onto your lips with it, and it makes ridges in the product itself. Honestly - I chucked it straight away. After saying all this - can I even prove that this lip stain is worth it? I pinky promise I can! The product itself is absolutely brilliant. Both products in the pot are scentless, which I believe widens the audience a fair bit - basically everyone can use it, even if your lips are sensitive. The lip balm glides on really well (yes, because I chucked the brush, I'm using my fingers, ha), and preps your lips nicely. The stain however is the winner here! This shade is a coral pink, right on trend for this summer, & the consistency is very creamy. You only need the tiniest amount to cover your whole lips & it dries into an almost powdery finish. Since it's a stain, the lasting power is rather impressive - I would say 2 hours if you're not eating? And if you are and the top layer wipes off, you're still left with a light pink stain! It doesn't dry my lips out, it doesn't fade in patches, pretty much can't fault the stain itself at all. I really wish it came in a pot just on its own - either way, it's most likely the best stain I've used in a while! You can get this one (or another colour) on the official Touch in SOL website for £9.50.

What's your favourite lip stain?
Do you use lip stains or do you prefer lipstick/lip glosses?