There's nothing as flattering as a simple bronzed make-up when you get some tan & your freckles pop up! As an inspiration I used Annie Levy's bronzed goddess tutorial (which you can see at the bottom of this post), however I did put my own spin on it - well, my eyebrows are never gonna be as light as the model's brows, meh! Either way, it's a really simple (if you're using products I used - it's also a budget-friendly) bronzed look, perfect for summer evenings or even days out (yes, I worn this look to IKEA, so what!).

Annie Levy has created an absolutely stunning look in her tutorial - really straight forward, explaining every single step (just like how I like it), using products you either own or I bet you at least have a close alternative. It's super useful that all the products she included in this tutorial you can actually buy when you're flying to your holiday destination this year (or coming back) as they are sold in duty free - that woman is a born enabler, innit! But since I've already come back from my holidays this year, I didn't get the chance to buy any of the mentioned products, so used my budget alternatives instead. Hasn't turned out too bad, has it?

What I used:
  • MUA Undress Me Too palette: You know I absolutely adore my MUA palettes, they are just so buttery & pigmented! Although I'd like to try some high end eye shadows, it's goin' to be hard to convert me from MUA, I can guarantee that. 
  • Touch In SOL Pure Dew Water Drop BB cream: You know my heart's been long devoted to Ginvera BB cream, right? Well, it still is, but now there's another top BB cream fighting its way in there - yes, it's this Water Drop BB. It's got a slightly higher coverage, but still natural, blends in absolutely flawlessly and gives a finish slightly more matte than Ginvera. Another absolutely flawless product.
  • Sleek Contour Kit: I only used the highlighter from this kit this time, because I used Dainty Doll for bronzing - this highlighter is rather silver-toned and gives a nice non-glittery dimension to your face. 
  • Dainty Doll powder blush in Money Talks: Got this blush quite a while ago when there was the big Fragrance Direct Dainty Doll boom and couldn't find a way to use it. It just looked meh on my skin. Well ladies, that's because I shoulda waited for some tan to come my way. Now it looks really nice & natural, a bit of a contouring bronzer, a bit of a blush - ya know, an all round good egg!
  • MUA concealer: For £1.50 I can't fault it - it's light enough to be used in summer, but it covers enough to be considered a pretty damn good concealer!
  • Revlon Grow Luscious mascara: I've been praising this mascara for absolute ages, it gives such a big volume it's unreal.
  • Fashionista brow kit: I don't know what's happened between MUA & Fashionista, and honestly - I don't even wanna know, it all seems a bit dodge to me so shhh. Either way, this brow kit is one of the best ones. Way better than the MUA one, and reminds me (rather suspiciously) of Benefit Brow Zings.
  • Stila lip glaze in Kitten: I only got this lip glaze because of its name (I know, I know, how unbelievably superficial of me, boo!) but it turned out to be a rather great addition to my every day make-up bag. It's very subtle but compliments my skin tone nicely.

The video is pretty inspiring, isn't it? There are loads of other Annie Levy's tutorial on the World Duty Free UK channel - check them out & let me know whether you'd like me to budgetize some of them or even if you give them a go! Tweet me a picture - @cityscapebliss! 

What's your favourite summer product?