I do have a thing for cleansers - they seem to be that one thing in my skincare regime that really matters. Not sure whether that's just me, but either way, it's lead me to trying many & many cleansers. And let me tell you something - I'm not easy to please when it comes to cleansers. Face creams, face oils - as long as it doesn't make me flakey or rashy & smells nice, I'm sold. Cleansers - sticky, drying, greasy, eye-burning, itchy... how hard is it to find a decent cleanser, ay?!

Before I jump into today's cleansing mixer, I would like to have a minute of silence for the best cleanser I've tried so far and that is Lierac Refreshing Cleansing Gel. I got it from TKMaxx for a few quid, it lasted me a few months & it was absolutely brilliant. Can you believe it - it actually cleansed my skin. Yes. It made my skin feel very clean & fresh. *sigh* I ran out of it a few months ago though and couldn't get hold of it since because it's been discontinued I believe. Ah, the best things are always discontinued! Now back to the ones that are on trial at the moment:
  • Amie Morning Clear Purifying Facial Wash* (£4.95 for 150ml): This soap-free cream cleanser is great for taking off light make-up & general cleansing if your skin is sensitive & dry. I use this cleanser in the shower, usually in the evening, after I take off my make-up with something more drastic (e.g. a micellar water) as it is very hydrating & nourishing. After you use Amie, you don't feel the need to put on another moisturizer to be honest, the product itself makes your skin very soft & moisturized as it is. It doesn't burn my eyes too much (just a little bit!), so it's fine for an all-over-the-face wash!
  • Botanics Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm (£8.99 for 70ml): This hot cloth cleanser is basically an oil in solid form which liquidises as soon as you touch it. It's much more effective than Amie when it comes to removing make-up, however it might not be ideal for those who dislike facial oils, as it works as a cleansing balm and facial oil in one really - it's very nourishing and does have quite a strong herbal scent to it. I say this is a more purse-friendly alternative to Jane Scrivner's Nourishing Cleanser (see below) and even to Liz Earle's Cleanse & Polish, as it cleanses to a similar extent.    
  • Jane Scrivner Nourishing Cleanser* (£43 for 100ml): As I'm a huge fan of hot cloth cleansers, here's another one. This one is basically a much more luxurious version of the above Botanics Cleansing Balm. It comes with a really nice fluffy face towel, which feels much softer on my skin than a regular muslin cloth and contains much more 'goodness' than the Botanics one. It makes my skin feel much smoother and 'plump' than the two cleansers above and it's brilliant in conjunction with Jane Scrivner Skin Elixir. A very pampering & effective oil-based hot cloth cleanser!    
  • Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish (£13.25 for 100ml): My favourite - Liz Earle. There's not a product by Liz Earle that I would not like. This is my.. 5th bottle of Cleanse & Polish maybe? I was reluctant to use it at first because there was so much hype about it and I didn't want to be left disappointed, but it turned out to be a very good investment! Cleanse & Polish is a cleanser I can use all year round, unlike some of the other ones which can clog my pores in hot weather or dry my skin out in winter. The mixture of herbs in it makes my skin feel much fresher and smoother, similar to the Jane Scrivner one but without the oily feel. My skin has been the best when I was using it in the morning & in the evening, but hell - that works out expensive! *sigh*
  • B.Clean Melting Gel Cleanser (£6.99 for 125ml): Don't even get me started on this. The worst cleanser ever, I'm not ashamed to say so - and when was the last time I slagged off a product really?! It smells, it doesn't take off any make-up, it makes my skin feel yucky, it broke me out twice (and I only used it twice) and it burns my eyes like devil. STAY AWAY FROM THIS! *gags*
  • Boots Traditional Cold cream (£2.42 for 200ml): The cheapest option out of all - not the best, but far from the worst too. Just a simple cold cream, which you can use for million & one things - cleansing included. Works like a hot cloth cleanser, however is very VERY nourishing. I would avoid this if your skin is oily, because it makes my dry skin so greased up it makes me forget my skin is actually dry in fact. It's definitely not great for summer, however it is absolutely amazing in winter when you need a quick fix for dry skin brutalised by cold windy weather.   
  What's your favourite cleanser?
Do you prefer budget or high end cleansing options?