Dermacol is a brand known predominantly in Czech Republic (where it is made) & surprisingly in Middle East (who knew?). When I was back home I picked up a few bits & bobs from their stand - amongst others were these 6 neon glow nail mini polishes. They cost a quid each and if you're a neon newbie like me, this is the easiest product you can start your neon journey with. 
Neon nail polishes are rather scary, at least to me, so tiny little bottles (5ml) each are literally the best product that could have crossed my ways. Dermacol is generally, I'd say, somewhere in the middle to the higher end of Czech drugstore brands, so paying about £1 per 5ml bottle sounds about right. The full sized bottles of Dermacol nail polish cost about £4-5 on average. The quality is great - we're talking Rimmel/L'Oreal quality - these neon gems tend to stay even on my nails for at least 4 days with little to no chipping (Essie can suck Dermacol's balls in that matter!). The colours I picked are a little rainbow - from yellow to dark navy. The application of the darker ones is fine - fully opaque in just two coats. The lighter ones (especially the yellow & poison) need a white base first - that way the colours come out proper vibrant! 

Have you tried any neon nail polishes yet?