I love perfumes so much but often can't make myself buy a pretty glass bottle with a splash of nicely smelling water for £50+. Sad as it is, I'm not at a place & time where I would be able to splurge like that on myself - hence my perfume collection is nothing major. I'd call it my little low budget floral-based perfume stash. 
  • Yves Rocher Green Tea (£14.90 for 125ml): Yves Rocher is one of my favourite brands (and no, I don't care what anyone else says or how green they actually are!), however I have to say I'd much prefer having a high street store here in the UK (they are in Czech Republic) because it's really hard to see colours and imagine scents based purely on description on a website. Green Tea is my mum's & mine fragrance - we always go & get a bottle together (they conveniently tend to have 2 for 1, ha!), so it's got a bit of sentimental value to me. Smells really fresh (I'd call it almost clean fresh) and very different from your regular perfume!
  • Katy Perry Meow (£29.99 for 30ml): Katy Perry is currently on offer in Boots - you can get this pretty kitty fragrance for just £7.50! I could not say no to the pink kitten - c'mon, it's more than £20 less than you'd normally pay! It smells really really sweet - it will be perfect for cosy weekends full of cuddles. *nawwwwwh*  
  • Stella McCartney Summer (£39 for 100ml): This EDT is much stronger & longer lasting than a lot of EDP I've tried, how shocking! It's a very rosy scent, which I think goes perfectly with my likes & personality. I got it in Boots where it is currently on sale for £25. Now I'm just worried that I'll want all the Stella McCartney scent! *sigh*
  • Elie Saab Le Parfum (£54.50 for 50ml): Elie Saab was my signature fragrance for such a long time, and sadly it's running out now - guess it was about time to swap it for something slightly different - and more up to date with my personality. Full review from last year is here
  • Taylor Swift Taylor* (£29 for 50ml): Taylor's brand new fragrance is apparently inspired by her personality, rather than fairy tales like the previous ones - if that's true than let me say that Taylor's personality's not half bad! It's a fruity/floral scent with quite a strong wooden base, which makes it smell more grown up than the previous perfumes. Plus the bottle is just adorable!  
  • Oriflame Pretty Swan* (£16.95 for 50ml): I love Oriflame perfumes so much - they are always so unique and much more affordable than their high street counterparts, although they are often designed by same people. Pretty Swan's main note is pink pepper - see, I told ya - very unique! Full review is here.  
  • Oriflame More by Demi* (£30.95 for 50ml): Just like Pretty Swan, More by Demi is very unique - it's rather an autumn/winter scent that makes you feel all festive & cosy! Full review is here.
  • samples: Just like everyone else, I have got a ton of perfume samples - some of them go to the bin straight away (yucky musk!), some of them wander off into handbags (& never return because my handbags seem to be swallowing them for good) & some of them make it to the perfume collection shelf - like this little L'Occitane & Yves Rocher.  
What's your favourite perfume at the moment?