I'm not usually your typical monthly-favourites-blogger, but this month (& we're only half way though!) I realized that there's been a bunch of things that made me exceptionally happy (oh, what a materialist, ay). There are not necessarily beauty or fashion items - it's everything & anything that I'd found myself grabbing on a daily basis. Here's what I've been loving lately!
  • Bunny backpack: Got this from Asda the other day & although I am 24, I am not ashamed to walk with this in the streets. It's fluffy, has got ears & eyes, but still looks like a fairly expensive handbag - the faux leather material is uber soft & overall the bag looks like a quality make! For £12 it will make a great autumn/winter rucksack! 
  • Sleek blush palette in Lace: Lately I've been goin' back to powder blushers - the Sleek ones are my favourites! The Lace palette has got three different blushers in it - a coral-red coral-orange & one that looks like Nars Orgasm. A great combination of colours for the summer/autumn transition! 
  • Stella McCartney Summer: Got this on sale in Boots (discounted to £25) when I went to pick up something I was pretty sure I was gonna like - but didn't - so picked this up instead & been wearing it since, it's the prettiest summer scent!
  • Maybelline colour tattoo in On & On Bronze: You know when you re-discover things at the bottom of your make-up drawer and it makes you just as excited as if it was a new purchase? Yeah, that. Been wearing this eyeshadow since - don't get why I wasn't a fan of it before?!
  • Korres lip butter in Jasmine: This crazy hot/cold weather makes my lips suffer even more than they do normally (chapped-lips-prone people will understand). Korres lip butters are one of the best lip care products out there - give you a slight hint of colour and take care of even the worst chapped lips!
  • Essence nail oil: Bargain from Czech Republic - costs about £1.50 & works wonders. I normally use Dr Organics nail oil, but that one tends to leak a lot, so having a little bottle of this on the go is great!
  • KoboMini e-reader: So last week I went to CEX. For the first time ever. And now? Now it's my new favourite shop! Crazy! Some of the things there are absolute skank (I would not touch the xbox pads from there even if they paid me for it), but they have got some shockingly good bargains. From Placebo CD's for a quid to my new Kobo! YES - I've got an e-reader! And it cost me... £30! I'm never gonna give up on books - there's nothing better than smell of an old library *sniff sniff* - but my handbags are not exactly impressed by the weight of books I read (all my handbags have ripped - somewhere, usually on a number of occasions), so I thought - might as well spend £30 on a little e-reader than keep buying new handbags, right. Since the day we met - we always together - my little Kobo & me, haha! It's such a brilliant e-reader, I don't even understand why people buy Kindles. Such as waste of money, man! 
What thing made you happy this month?