AKA cosmetics might be a brand you've never heard of before, however it is a brand that you will be hearing about a lot more now! AKA is a UK based company with most products made on the UK soil - a member of the 'Made in the UK' family, if you wish. That itself is rather exciting - most UK brands are skincare oriented (at least that's my perception of the situation at the moment). What makes it even more exciting is that the products I've tried so far are fabulous. Let me show you a sample from their 12 colour nail polish range: a review & swatches of Candy Floss*, Bare All* & Heaven's Cloud*.
At first you might struggle placing AKA on the scale of brand name/value/quality & to be fair - I am still struggling. For a fiver you get impressive 12ml of nail polish - the branding reminds me a little bit of elf cosmetics, then the bottle looks a bit like the one of Rococo nail polishes, and the quality is on level with Essie. *sigh* Either way, I think you're getting a rather good deal for £5 a pop

The brush is quite wide (not Essie-wide, but wider than, let's say, MUA) and the nail polishes do not have strong chemical smell (yes, Primark, year down the line & I'm still disgusted by the smell of your nail polishes *vom*). Two main pet peeves of mine - tick. What impressed me the most is the opacity of these - these come opaque in just a single coat, woah! They dry super quick, leave no streaks and the shades I've tried are definitely very flattering and muted (but not boring muted, more like everyday muted?). They last pretty long as well - with no top coat, the Candy Floss stayed on my nails with minimal chipping for 5 days! 

Although I'm not a fan of pink nail polishes - Candy Floss quickly got my heart - such a lovely bubble gum shade, how have I never discovered that pinky pink like this can look so flattering on my nails?! Bare All is a creamy pinky nude which is great for those days when you need to look polished but not overdone. And then Heaven's Cloud. *sigh* Transparent glitter top coats have sort of lost their magic for me when I was about 10 years old, so I did not have high expectations but honestly - I was surprised. A transparent glitter top coat with a twist - it's not really glitter, maybe we could say shimmer? Very fine silver shimmer that looks like start dust? I admit that I might still be under The Host spell (I'm on the last chapter of the book & watched the movie twice already), but Heaven's Cloud matches the substance the souls would be made of perfectly, I think - a soft gleam of fragile star dust? (oh damn, should of been a poet, innit!) Either way, these nail polishes are a great value for money and if you're looking for easy application, great quality products made in the UK and pretty colours with a little bit of start dust on the top - AKA nail polishes are something you might want to have a look into!      
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