I've never been too much of a fan of GOSH, but the other day their stand caught my eye enough to stop & investigate. CC cream illuminating foundation? How does that even work? *swatches* That actually matches my skin tone! And it's on sale! *shoves it in the basket* I applaud you Gosh, you got me - this time only. And how did I get on with this magical colour correcting cream? Here's my review.
As I've already mentioned, Gosh is not my favourite face product brand. I tried their primer (yes, the one that everyone loves) and it gave me a rash, a breakout and two weeks of unbearable grumpiness. When I think about it - I probably only own Gosh holographic nail polish - that's how uninterested I am in this Danish Gosh. Nevertheless, I did give in to the temptation of the CC cream illuminating foundation wonders. First of all, I honestly lost all my faith in Western brands attempting to create a proper BB cream (Vichy is the only exception so far), and CC creams are, in my opinion, just a marketing bolt on to BB's, so this whole CC cream foundation business goes a bit beyond me, I'm not gonna lie. But then - it's not about the name, is it? It's about the product that's inside! And this is where it gets interesting. 

Gosh promises that this CC cream (or foundation - whatever!) gives you a radiant skin, illuminates it, makes it look less tired, moisturizes and evens out your skin tone. That's a lot of promises, Gosh, a lot! BUT! Gosh does not only promise - they implemented a brand new patented technology called Gatuline which seems like it could do the trick. Gatuline is inspired by traditional Chinese medicine - particularly it contains a fruit extract from Evodia Rutaecarpa (Wu Zhu Yu in Chinese). This herb is a new natural active ingredient which activates micro-circulation in your skin and therefore can easily achieve all the above effects. Imagine it as a microscopic massage of your skin (I've got a feeling it might just irritate it slightly hence the effect, but let's follow the expert opinions, shall we) - obviously it will gives you a more radiant look, it will make you look less tired, it will even out your skin tone and make your skin look fresh. Seems quite logical, doesn't it? But does it work?

Yes! I'm positive that my skin looks pretty damn good with this CC cream on. It might be just a placebo effect but either way, it makes me happy, haha! The coverage is rather sheer although I have to say that I don't have to wear concealer under my eyes - it seems to even out that area pretty well! It gives a dewy finish (but not too oily) and although at the beginning you may think it feels a bit greasy in places, it sets really quickly. It doesn't accentuate pores, it stays on whole (working) day, doesn't have any scent to it & overall works really well for me. Although it states that it is illuminating, it does not contain any glitter OR shimmer. The illumination is all due to the Gatuline ingredient. It comes in 6 different shades (I'm the second lightest - Ivory) and costs £8.99 (for 30ml) in Superdrug. Currently it's on sale for £6.99. If you're a fan of tinted moisturizers and BB creams, this one is definitely worth trying!

Do you use Gosh cosmetics? 
What's your favourite Gosh product?
(Images of Evodia plant from here & here)