Probably a rather awkward haul. It's a socks haul. More specifically - a cat socks haul from Accessorize. Yesterday I was feeling a bit down because of some awkward work blues (or whatever you can call a creepy customer who stalks ya), so I popped into Accessorize to check out rucksacks (Justin is forcing me to buy one for our holidays) and walked out with no rucksack but three pairs of socks instead. Typical.

Well, how could I not buy them though? They were on offer - 3 pairs for £8 - which is still bloody expensive, but they had the cutest cat design on them! I was a bit unsure on the digital photography transfer pair - but I know they sell a very similar one in Topshop for £3.50 so I thought it was quite a good deal in that sense (trying to justify spending 8 quid on socks here, so back me up please!). I absolutely adore the other two pairs - the little gray cat even got a pink meeeow above its head! My secret favourite is the nerd tom-cat though - how feckin' adorable! Now chop chop, go & get your own pair of cat paw warmers! *meeeow*  

On scale from 1-10, how cat mental have I gone?!