Finally some summer weather has arrived! And apparently it's meant to be 27 degrees over the weekend - WHAT?! Although I do love summer and I much prefer bein' all sweaty and overheated to bein' half frozen, it's sometimes rather difficult to adjust from the cold English winds to tropical heat humidity. One thing that I find helps me the most - although I only discovered it a year ago! - is a face mist. I've tried quite a few so far (read used up a handful of bottles at least), and although there were some highs & lows, the one that stands out the most so far is the Balance Me Skin bright hydrating face mist with hyaluronic acid*. Let's have a look at the review of this little gem!

As I've already mentioned above - I have tried quite a few of face mists, from MUA setting mist to La Roche-Posay mineral water spritz. No matter how much you dress them up or what name you give them, most of the times they are just water sprays infused with something (depending on the extra benefit they offer), but mainly - they are here to refresh your face (and your make-up). 

Balance Me Skin bright hydrating face mist with hyaluronic acid (£20) is most likely the best refreshing mist I've tried so far. It comes in a very swanky 60ml thick glass bottle, so it's not the most suitable to carry around in your handbag, but then - it's the most refreshing when you keep it in your fridge anyways. The pineapple-base with herbal extracts (roses, chamomile etc) & hyaluronic acid adds extra hydration to your skin as well as it helps with skin tone issues. What I found really special about this product is that it gives you an instant healthy glow - you look much more awake and so does your skin! And the scent.. *sigh* smells like bushes of wild roses growing along a mineral spring in mountains.. (yes, that is what I'm imagining when I spritz this on my face, haha!) 

This product is absolutely brilliant and it will be goin' with me to Czech Republic next week - the temperature's expected to spring up to 32 degrees, muhaha! I'm probably gonna need bucket-fulls of this to stay fresh in that sort of heat!

What's your favourite face mist?
(& don't say Caudalie - I don't even want to try it anymore because so many people keep goin' on about it, meh)