Not sure whether I've mentioned this before but my day job includes working quite crazy hours throughout the day. One of them is an early shift when I have to get up around 5am to be able to make it to the airport for 7am. I admit, some people have got it way worse at their jobs (gettin' up at unearthly 3 or 4am!) but still - for someone who likes leaving the house with a decently made-up face it's quite a struggle. Let me show you what I do to not only make the time spent on my face minimal but also mistake-proof - this is my early morning make-up routine!

My main problem is that my flat is pretty dark when there's no natural light from the outside - my bathroom has got no windows and my bedroom mirror is in the darkest of corners (I hear you sigh over my idiocy of putting it there - well it doesn't fit anywhere else, meh!), so when I'm deciding on an early shift make-up, I need to be able to apply it pretty much in an absolute darkness with a gleam of artificial light. These are the products I use most of the times:

  • Ginvera BB Cream: Do I need to say more? The best face product ever. I normally use a brush but if I'm in a rush and want to apply it without a doubt of mistake, I use my fingers. Easy to blend, can't streak even if you tried, and works as a moisturizer too!
  • Essence Match 2 Cover Cream Concealer: This concealer does not have the greatest coverage, but it does do the job and because it's so creamy and sheer, it allows you some space for mistakes. Can't streak and does cover the worst darkness under your eyes and spots. 
  • Benefit Highbeam Highlighter: To add some dimension to my face, I use Benefit Highbeam. It's easy to blend in with your fingers and doesn't streak even if you're applying it blindfolded. 
  • Topshop Head Over Heals Cream Blush: Since application with brushes in early hours can prove disastrous (I tend to pick up more product than I need, I apply it in the wrong place etc), I like sticking to finger-application as much as possible. Topshop cream blushes are the best when you need a quick & simple application but great pigmentation - plus it also blends sharp edges of Benefit Highbeam nicely if you went a bit overboard with that one. 
  • MeMeMe Arch Angel: The simplest of the simplest brow products. You just brush through your brows, highlight the brow bone & you're done. Early morning is not the time to mess about with powder brow product, oh no. 
  • Blinc Ultrathin Liquid Eyeliner Pen: To achieve a simple but made-up eye look, grab a liquid eyeliner pen (preferably black) and draw a thin line on the upper lid. Blinc eyeliner is great because it's easy to use and it stays on whole day. Plus it's uber thin and makes your eyes look rather natural with a light emphasis on the shape. 
  • Oriflame 2FX Mascara: This two in one mascara is great for quick application because of its thick and thin applicator - you brush through your lashes once for volume & then the second application separates the lashes. No clumps, no fall off, no smudges. Simples. 
  • Lioele Lip Color Stick: When you're in rush & have no good lighting, use just a tinted lip balm or a sheer lipstick. This Lioele one is really moisturizing and you can apply it without mirror if you like! It's a lovely baby pink shade.        
Quick, easy & mistake-proof in non-existent lighting. Now all you need to do is set up your alarm clock (& get up when it buzzes!) so you have the time to slap all the above on your face! Fun fact of the day - I can't just set up the alarm on my phone since it doesn't wake me up (I know, strange), I always have to have at least one real alarm clock on my bed side table. My alarm clock is from Asda, but there are loads of pretty ones in shops like John Lewis - this heart shaped one is just too cute! 

What's your early morning make-up routine?