I've already mentioned this the other day but it's just a little too exciting not to think & talk about it more. I'm goin' for real holidays this year! I'm actually goin' back home to Czech Republic, but since we are goin' together with Justin (for the first time ever), we have planned loads of road-trips and train-trips and whatever-mean-of-transport-trips, so it actually does feel like I'm goin' for proper holidays, plus we're goin' in July & the weather there tends to be tropical in July! *shivers with excitement* To ease my overwhelming excitement I thought I could do a little 'hols prep' series in a run up to the day of our departure. Number one on the list are sunglasses!   

I've spent a long time trying to figure out what type of sunglasses suits me the most, and although I wish Ray Ban Wayfarers were the ones, they are just not. The most comfortable I feel when I'm wearing aviators. I do admit that I look like a flippin' fly, but hey - they're aviators, right? Now I know what type I'm goin' for, I really thought that I'll just pop into Primarni & pick up the first pair of aviators I see (since the pair above is cracked that you can't see the world around when wearing them, urgh). That was until I watched this thing on telly about how wearing crappy sunglasses can cost you your sight - you'll say it's an obvious thing but it doesn't hit you hard until you see an eyeball with a hole burnt into it! *sun flare cringe* Apparently you should be wearing sunglasses that absorb 100% of UV rays & majority of HEV rays. God knows what that means, but man, I will be careful enough to check whether my new pair of sunnies have that! You know when you see something so horrible & bizarre that it seems to have burnt into your memory forever? That's the burnt eyeball. How ironical, innit. 

Since that show I have not only been pretty much constantly thinking about burnt eyeballs, but also took a look at some real sunglasses. On the weekend I've got a trip planned to the Bull Ring & hopefully I'll spot some cool aviators there (I love the colourful ones above! Especially the light turquoise & purple ones *dribblez*), but for now I've been checking the Red Hot Sunglasses website. They actually have quite a wide range of sunglasses - from Ray Ban aviator sunglasses to Ray Ban Clubmasters. I'm actually thinking that I might try some on in a shop but then sneakily get them for cheaper online! *a serious light bulb moment*   

Where do you buy your sunglasses?