I got a double pack of these Etude House black charcoal chin strips off E-bay not too long thinking that it looked very much like a cross between Shiseido's Naturgo & Biore strips, just in a cuter packaging. Hypothetically this could be a winner, me thought. Let's have a look whether these strips lived up to my overly high expectations.

No. I won't be pulling your leg for too long today. These chin strips are crap. The packaging is the cutest thing ever - who doesn't like pink owls, right?! They are pretty cheap when you get them off E-bay - I paid about £1.50 for two of them. They look very much like Biore, and they work like them too. You first have to splash water on your chin, then peel off the protective foil & place the strip where you want it. Shape-wise you can see that it's alright - although I would prefer it bein' narrower sideways but wider from the lip to my chin so it would treat the lower part of my chin too. The shape looks more like a nose strip to me than a chin strip to be fair. Oh wells. As to the effect - meh. Just meh. It should dry rock solid - which I don't think it did although I was waiting for about an hour. It should get rid off blackheads, sebum and whiteheads - but it only took out about 2 or 3 whiteheads and that was it. Both Biore and Naturgo do a million times better job!

I hate criticising Etude House - but man, what the hell is this?! Improve the formula (and maybe the shape) & we'll be friends again.

What's the most disappointing product you've encountered lately?