Since the times when I started my Essie collection (what blogger would I be if I didn't have a collection of Essie nail polishes, for God's sake?!), I slightly changed my mind about them. The very first time I tried one, I liked it. I wasn't blown away but I was happy with it. The second & then about 100 following times I hated it. It chipped, it went streaky, I needed a gazillion coats to make the colour opaque... But I guess that when you realize how much you're paying for it (although I only get it off Fragrance Direct for £1.99, ha!), you learn to like it. Or even love it. At the moment Essie & MUA are the only nail polishes I actually enjoy using - how ironic, innit! Here's an Essie duo I've been enjoying lately!

A Crewed Interest is the most beautiful peach nail polish I've actually come across. It's like peaches & cream mixed into a milkshake. Nom! It's been my favourite since the day we met, and I believe our love affair won't cease anytime soon. It makes your hands look very sophisticated and even on my short (and currently super weak) nails it does look decent! I'm actually contemplating buying another bottle because this one has less than a half left in it, oops!

Chubby Cheeks is a burnt orange red with a hint of coral. It is a cheerful colour to wear on its own on nice sunny days like today, but it also looks uber pretty on the top of A Crewed Interest - you can play about with half moons, stripes or just polka dots like me. It adds A Crewed Interest a bit of a playful edge - that's how I'd describe it.

You can get Essie from Boots & Superdrug for £7.99 or off Fragrance Direct (limited colours) for £1.99. By the way, I'm not saying that Essie is the best nail polish ever - what I am saying is that I'm an individual with weak mind who gets easily manipulated by smart marketing, pretty packaging & blogger hype. Please don't judge me. 

What Essie nail polish would you recommend me to pick up next?