I do have a very soft spot for Macadamia products. And when I have a soft spot for something, it ultimately comes to one certain result - hoarding. I didn't realize how many Macadamia products I've actually managed to collect (and hide away because I don't wanna waste these little miracles). Look! 

I actually remember that after the first time I tried Macadamia (I believe it was the masque) I thought for myself that one day I will have a whole collection of their products - because they are that good! And voila - about a year later - pretty decent collection I'd say! I'm still very apprehensive of using the products though because I suffer from a ridiculous fear that I run out & as broke as I am at the moment, I won't be able to repurchase these. Sad, I know. 

If I had to choose my absolute favourite then it would be the Macadamia Deep Repair Masque. I sometimes put it on & just lounge around the flat for about an hour and then wash it off. Heavenly softness would be an understatement. No matter how crappy your hair is, it turns it into such softness that you just wanna snuggle your hair until the following wash. When I first read about Macadamia Flawless* I was a bit undecided - it's basically an all-in-one for your hair. It comes out looking like a shaving gel, when you put it into your hair it foams up and it works as both a shampoo & a conditioner. No matter how strange this can sound, it is probably the best nourishing shampoo/conditioner I've used. You know when I was on about the Yuko products? Those are very cleansing with great 'squeaky clean' results, but Macadamia Flawless is like a whole new level - it makes your hair feel pampered! Macadamia Shampoo & Rinse is something Justin starting stealing from me on a regular basis - he uses Nanogen products (if you know anything about hair loss, you have probably come across these) so his scalp can get rather irritated. Macadamia Shampoo seems to be doin' him really good regarding this, so ya know - as long as he's happy... (I'll just ask for a top up of Macadamia collection once he uses the bottle up, ha!). Macadamia Healing Oil treatment is the last addition to my Macadamia collection & I've been using it on my ends before blow-drying. It's lightweight, it's non-greasy and it smells amazing - it's basically everything you want your hair oil to be. 

So this was my Macadamia ode. I agree it's rather sad to feel this excited about a hair care range, but then - it does say something about a brand when you feel so strongly about it, doesn't it?

What's your favourite hair care range?