Have you heard about the brand Bahoma before? No? Well then you're not reading my blog properly, are ya you little lazy butts?! (I'm jokin' really, but go & read about it here - now!) Bahoma is a brand you'd most likely associate with home decor items rather than beauty - their Imperial diffuser still makes my living room smell way better than you'd expect with Cookie dropping revengeful surprises in dark corners every other day (he does this every so often when I refuse to play with him or bein' chewed on to death by him). Nevertheless the Bahoma beauty section took me by surprise - I've tried their Body Perfume Bibliotheque* & Cristal Body Scrub*.

The Body Perfume Bibliotheque (£19.95) is basically a very fancy looking set of 10 fragrance samples. They come in miniature spray bottles and are perfect for throwing into your make-up bag to freshen up during the day. I didn't have high expectations to be honest - plus I had to check about 5 times whether these are actually body fragrances as they did smell to me a little bit on the home fragrance side. What a surprise it was though when I got a number of compliments on them during the past week! I don't know what their magic is, because I wouldn't normally go for this sort of scent (rather heavy with strong wooden notes) but they obviously do work - my favourite is Chameleon but Justin seems to be loving them all - there's not a single one that he wouldn't comment on! Guess the first impression of a little silly sample collection was wrong - you need to try these to realize how good they actually are!
Now as to the Body Scrub in Cristal (£22.95) - I thought it was just a massive (200 ml!) jar of some regular scrub but no no - this is some high end luxurious business! As Bahoma describes it - it's a mixtures of musky & floral notes on a bed of chypre (that's a tree, I think) and it's infused with oils & vitamin E which shoots it up to the heights of the best out of the best scrubs. I love Soap & Glory Breakfast Scrub, don't get me wrong, that's probably my favourite body scrub - together with Asda's own Body-Shop-rip-off brand, ha! But this Bahoma gem is on a whole new level of scrub-love - it smells like a real perfume, it doesn't flake into the drain & it moisturizes like a luxurious oil. No joke. I don't even keep the jar in my bathroom, I keep it safe on a shelf in my bedroom & only take it for occasional trips with me into the shower where it sits on a shelf far from the reach of water, just in case some terrifying scenario would happen or, touch wood, the sticker would come off!

What's your favourite scrub at the moment?