To cut the story short - it was my pay day, I was reading British Beauty Blogger's blog, saw this post on Asos exclusive offer, squealed like a cat bein' shut in the door, pressed a few 'okay's' & 3 days later I was throwing away my old make-up bag & replacing it with this adorable kitten print one by Paul & Joe.

 It costs £11.50 (free delivery) - and it doesn't come empty! *phew* (for £11.50 I'd be well peed off if it was just a make-up bag!) It comes with a decent sized tin of hand cream - which I thought was gonna be just some standard hand cream to cheer you up that you haven't paid £11.50 for just a make-up bag. But hey, it's actually really good! It makes my hand feel really soft and non-greasy - can't moan about this one! You also get 2 samples of Paul & Joe eye cream, which I haven't tried yet as I'm not too fussed about eye creams at the moment (maybe should be?). I find it quite nice that the make-up bag actually has got a little side pocket inside which will be great for bobby pins!

If you're cat obsessed & have a spare tenner, you should definitely have a look at the offer - I know that Paul & Joe come up with these exclusive cat-themed make-up bags quite often, but this one actually seems to be in a shape & size ideal for my handbag!

What was the last thing you bought just because you read bout it on a blog?