I'm not sure how many of you have already heard about Bahoma. My personal guess is not that many, as I haven't read about it on many blogs myself - all you read about nowadays in the candle & home fragrance department is Diptyque, Neom & Jo Malone. At least that's what it looks like to me. Meh. And Bahoma is definitely a brand that should not be left out of the game, both for the amazing quality of their products & the whole philosophy of the company!
Bahoma is a London-based company specialising in candles, home fragrance but also a number of body care products & body fragrances. Before I go on ramblin' about how beautiful the scents are, let me tell you that I got totally smitten by the story of how this company started. Margaret & James, the founders of Bahoma, basically just wanted to make the best candles possible, with nose-catching scents and long burning time lettin' your home experience some heavenly peace. Alas, it wasn't as easy as they thought, so they started sampling all possible candle recipes, ingredients and tips. After months of hard work they finally produced candles they were dreaming of - and since the 14th of February 2007 (*aaaaah, how sweet ay*) they've been selling their products in 34 different countries! There are 40 luxurious fragrances to choose from (doubt anyone can moan that there is not enough to choose from!), all presented in crisp clean design.  
So far I've tried their Grapefruit & Lime Candle*, which not only smells amazing & has got exceptionally long burning time (I've been burning it every evening for past week & I'm not even 1/5 into the candle!), but it also creates a fresh yet very relaxing atmosphere in my bedroom. Another product I've tried is their Fragrance Diffuser in Imperial*, which is, hands down, the best diffuser I've ever used. The Imperial scent is very 'earthy' - including Patchouli, Jasmine, Musk, Cedar, Citrus and woody notes. I personally describe it as an English Lords' club scent, very heavy and intellectual, evoking loads of books, old newspaper and cigars. That does make it sound a bit odd, but man, it does take your living room to a whole new level! *sniff sniff* On the top of the unique scent, I have to add that this diffuser actually works - you can smell it as soon as you enter the room (I've got one from Rituals and most of the times I don't even know it's in the room, urgh).

Because Bahoma is a luxurious brand, you have to expect the prices to be a tad higher than your regular high street Yankee candle - the Bahoma candles retail for about £25 & the diffusers for a little less than £30. Although I am a bit of a cheapskate & most of the time I am happy with my Asda & IKEA candles, I might just need to a get a little Bahoma piggy bank & treat myself (& my flat) to this little heaven once in a while. Browse their whole collection on the Bahoma official website

As a little present for you lot, the lovely Bahoma people gave me a £10 gift code for everyone (just use #bliss as a code) - which gets you their candles for just £15, yay!

What is your favourite candle & home fragrance brand at the moment?