Sea salt sprays have never been something I'd be too interested in - I've heard the horror stories of dried out crispy hair, sticky roots (& hands!), and tousles tangled to death. Having coarse straight hair probably didn't add to the motivation either since my 'beach hair' usually ends up in a poop-lookin' top knot for my hair & salty water equals a sea side disaster. Don't get me wrong - I lived on a beach in Rhodes for 3 months, so it's not like I haven't got enough expertise in this whole beach business! So far I've tried 3 sea salt sprays - which one do I think is the best one for straight already-coarse hair?  

Before I start on about the different sea salt sprays, let me tell you this - the beach look is great on slightly wavy hair & it is great on hair which is of about average thickness, but it's not entirely impossible to create it on thick coarse hair either, all you need is the right spray! Oh, and remember - spray it only into the length of your hair (either dry or wet) - spraying it onto your roots can be an ultimate disaster!

Many are probably goin' to be surprised now (& if you could, you would probably punch me for sayin' this) but I dislike Bumble and bumble. Surf Spray. And by dislike I mean - there's nothing particularly nice I could say about this little man. It feels really thick on my hair, makes it sticky, greasy, heavy, flat, drying... a bit like a horse tail after the horse peed on it. It's just yuck. And it reeks. I'd like to say that it just doesn't work for my type of hair, but considering the smell & how it makes even my hands sticky, it actually surprises me how many people seem to be head over heels with it! For £20.50 - no, no, no, no *youtube cat voice*.

Lee Stafford Beach BaBe doesn't do much for me either, but at least it's not such a disaster. I would call it the 'meh one' out of these three. It does add lighter crispy texture to my hair, but it doesn't seem to hold it for long enough. I think this one would be great for sunny days spent at an actual seaside - a tad of texture, no particular scent, not too much damage in terms of dried out hair. But then, this spray is one of those products that makes me think that maybe I could just add some sea salt chunks & water from tap into a spray bottle from Poundland & get the same (instead of paying £7.50). 

Now, the most affordable (£7) out of these three and the one that I haven't heard enough about is Fudge Salt Spray*. It's got a funky beach bottle, it is very light in consistency, is far from sticky and doesn't tangle my hair. Fudge adds a little bit of the rough windswept look to my hair but doesn't make it coarse-solid like B&b (yet still does give it a decent hold). What I especially appreciate is that once you want to restyle your hair, you just brush it out. It doesn't leave white bits, it doesn't make your hair look greasy afterwards. Apart from being great for my coarse thick hair (you can even get fairly close to the roots without panicking plus it doesn't dry out the ends at all!), it smells like paradise, flowers, beaches... you know, like what you'd imagine Bora Bora in summer smells like.

It's obvious that my views on sea salt sprays are biased - my hair is a pain on its own, let alone when I decide to give it a wild beach look, but then.. everyone's hair's different innit! So if you're deciding on which sea salt spray to use on thick coarse hair, I'd go for Fudge! It doesn't cost you your whole pay & even if you don't like the beach look results, you'll love it for the holiday scent! I've already gone through half a bottle (when I'm at work I tend to sneak into the toilets and spritz this on every now & then, it's such a mood booster!), but will definitely be buying another one once I run out!

What's your favourite sea salt spray & why?