Where has all the sun gone?! This is gettin' just a little bit annoying now. You know what happened when I was walking from work yesterday? I'm not kiddin' you, it started snowing. Not even hailing, those were some enormous snow flakes! I was like whaaaat?! So what do you do when it starts snowing in May? You go home, put on your best floral jumpsuit, slap on a crazy pink & yellow make-up & take pictures with your cat. Standard.

This seriously pretty & the most comfortable floral jumpsuit* is from Lipsy & I just can't wait to take it to Czech Republic with me in a month's time! It should be tropical hot there by that time *touches wood* so this will be the perfect attire for daily trips and sunbathing! I am currently a little too much obsessed with jumpsuits in general - they are so easy to wear (someone else already put top & bottom together for you - the simple life, haha!) & they are usually really flattering! The only thing I'd like to say to the manufacturers (of all jumpsuits ever!) is this: there are people with shorter bodies than supermodels, ya know! I tend to end up with a bit of excessive material around my waist and usually have to re-insert zipper or fold it in an awkward way when I'm too lazy to do anything about it! URGH. Thankfully, this little Lipsy number is strapless and from very stretchy material so it's easy to adjust. Oh, you should probably know that you either need a solid pair of breasts or a sticky tape to hold the top in the right place, haha!

I've worn this with a £6.99 denim shirt which I've been wearing way too much lately - it's the perfect summer blue colour and makes me feel a bit like an artist from San Francisco. Now where is my paint brush & my amazing Cali tan?!
For £28 this jumpsuit is a summer-must-have-bargain to me, you can throw it over bikini, you can dress it up for a night out at a seaside, you can go for a day trip in it with a spare cardigan or an over-sized shirt in your bag! CANNOT WAIT FOR MY HOLIDAY! By the way, there are loads of other jumpsuits on the Lipsy website - check 'em out!

What are your plans for this summer?