Yesterday I tried to cheer myself up wearing the prettiest floral jumpsuit from Lipsy and taking pictures with my kitten. There was more to it though - I slapped on some craaay cray make-up! Probably not everyone's cup of tea (would be a bit odd if it was to be fair), but definitely something you can pull off on a nice summer day, at a festival or a theme park - bright yellow & pink look!

I'm not a make-up artist so don't expect elaborate eye shadow blends and an ombre lip, but since I am from an arty family I guess you can say I'm on the rather creative side - or at least wish to be (read: in my head things I wanna do look awesome, in real life they usually tend to turn out a bit dogpooh, aha). Now, to match the pretty floral jumpsuit I thought yellow & pink were colours cheerful enough & since I don't own a yellow lipstick (does any average person own one really?), I had to go for yellow eye shadows & pink lipstick!  
For the bright eye I've used MUA Poptastic eye shadow palette - tell me what you want, but this palette has one of the brightest, most vivid eye shadows ever, I used it on a bare lid, now imagine what the colour would be like with an actual primer, woah! *puts on neuralyzer glasses* On my cheeks I've used Topshop cream blush in Pinch, which I believe is not in the stores anymore, but they always come up with similar shades - I guess Afternoon Tea might compare? Pinch is really a very bright pink that can look a bit like someone punched you (it does look like that in the pictures from yesterday for the camera picked up a tad too much of it at once, haha!), but in real life it can look very subtle & flattering! On my lips I'm wearing Topshop lipstick in Tease, which is a bright-ish pink with very cold purple undertones so it look's almost like a fuchsia in winter (my lipstick-describing skills are gettin' better & better ay, haha). It's no secret that I love Topshop lipsticks above all others but it might comes as a surprise that I'm in a sort of collector's mode when it comes to these little minxes. Although I am fully aware that every shade they bring out has already been there with just a slightly different name, I'm still all over it - this Topshop lipstick addiction just goes beyond my conscious will. *sigh* One day when I'm feeling brave I might do a Topshop lipstick collection post - but then, I've got so many of them that it is a little embarrassing.

The rest of my face is pretty much standard - Ginvera BB cream, L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes, MUA Cover & Conceal wand, Topshop Glow highlighter in Polished, Collection 2000 black felt tip eye liner & a bright coral MUA nail polish! Oh, and Look Beauty brow kit - don't even need to mention that one do I?!

What's the craziest make-up look you've ever tried?