Many of you may not know this but I've got a degree in Destination Management aka tourism. That not only means that I love travelling but it also means that I'm unreasonably obsessed with souvenirs (& leaflets - but that's a different story). To regulate my little souvenir obsession, my boyfriend suggested that the only souvenirs I can buy are magnets (& food *nom nom nom*) - and this is very my magnet obsession starts, yay! When I found out about Pic Pack - a website that puts together my three favourite things - magnets + cats + photographs, I was absolutely ecstatic! And by ecstatic I mean I was bouncing around the flat like Cookie on catnip. Check out what Instagram magnets I got & WIN A SET FOR YOURSELF!

Pic Pack is a German company that creates magnets from your Instagram pictures - it's super simple (you log into your account via internet browser & pick the photos you like the most), the order arrived to the UK within one week's time & the magnets are great quality (something I was a bit worried about as my Instagram pictures usually turn out a tad grainy).

You get 12 magnets (each magnet is 5.8x5.8cm) per set (a set costs 18, which is about £15). I really wanted to have some baby Cookie pictures printed because I only have him as a baby on Instagram - couldn't use my camera in the flat where we used to live because it was too dark in there) so these were an obvious choice - and oh my, I absolutely love them! Look at the cutie patootie!! I also got a picture of me & Cookz on one of them & one of me & Justin - I like that picture probably a little bit too much, haha! 

I absolutely adore these magnets & will get some more once me & Justin come from our first summer holidays together - I think these are much better than just regular souvenir magnets - these are personalized souvenir magnets! And because I don't want to be the only crazy excited-about-magnets person here, I would like to give away three sets of these! 

Three winners (each will get a code to get their own set)
Open to everyone - all ages, all countries
Ends 08/06/2013


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