Somehow, the make-up I was wearing with the burnt orange crochet top made me think of the movie Good Girl. Not that it's inspired by it, but it's that sort of 'girl next door' kind of look. Flush all over the cheeks (as if I just got home from a walk through an orchard), bright base, eyeshadow creating some natural depth & lips that look super hydrated, can't really go wrong right?

And just because I say so - my hair hasn't looked this good for absolute ages. I don't know what I was doin' with it - well, I do really, I kept puttin' it up in a messy bun (or in any sort of poop creation on the top of my head) because I wouldn't bother bein' creative or even using my Cloud 9 *sigh*. So the other day I sat down, put a shad load of Macadamia Deep Repair Masque and waited, and waited, and waited. About two hours later I used my Kokoro Shampoo & Conditioner (god, I LOVE these two to death) and voila - the softest and smoothest and most volumized my hair has been in a while! Guess it's time to try some new hair-do's me thinks. I've actually wanted to go hair dresser's because I haven't been in erm.. about a year & half? But at the moment I haven't got too much cash for that sort of fun (I keep moaning about havin' no money and then buy a random lipstick - does that happen to you too?), so I might just send today you-tubing home hair cuts *nervously fidgets* & hair styles.  

Apart from goin' all wild over my hair just, I should probably tell you something about what I've got on me face, right? I used Ginvera BB cream with my favourite Crownbrush as to create a fresh bright base, added a bit of highlight here & there with Topshop Glow in Gleam, and covered up my under eye bags with MUA Cover & Conceal wand. On my cheeks I'm wearing a rediscovered-love-of-this-month: Natural Collection cream blush in Rosy Pink! If you want to have a little laugh at my expense, head over to this post from last year, where I used the same blush, but obviously struggled with its application - big time. In what universe did I think that that unblended splash of colour was a good look?! Oh wells. I've defined my brows with Look Beauty brow kit & then added depth with Stila In the Light eyeshadow palette. I've also emphasized the eye with Collection 2000 felt tip eyeliner and L'Oreal mascara. To achieve the galzed over lip I used DuWop Lip Venom - the ultimate my-lips-but-water-infused.           

Do you sometimes look back at yourself and think oh-my-gaaawd what the feck?!