As you may remember, last summer I was slightly obsessed with crochet - especially this Zara crochet top. Well, this year won't be much different. Apart from the fact that I've swapped (not really, I still have my beloved Zara top in the wardrobe) the Zara top for a cheaper more colourful alternative - a burnt orange crochet tank top from a brandless gypo shop in Brum!

You'd almost think that I'm gettin' paid by PR's of Brum's gypo shops, that's how much I've been featuring them lately, haha! Yet another gem I found in one of them is this burnt orange crochet tank top. I got it on the day of Birmingham Blogger Meet-up in one of the little gypo shops in Pallisades (everything for a fiver, hurray!), and may have gone as far as doin' a little happy dance - that's how excited I was when I found it! It did cost just a fiver and it's everything the Zara crochet top is, and a little bit more. It's got a decent colour and it's got maybe a little more interesting shape - it's really low cut (from certain angle it makes me look like I've got no tits, but never mind that!), so you have to wear a tank top underneath and the bottom is pretty wide, almost like a bottom of a dress. I think it looks rather flattering for such a comfortable piece of clothing! 

The quality is actually really good - the Zara one ripped as soon as I washed it, but this one is made of a thicker crochet so I think it will be with me for good few years! 

What's your favourite bargain as of late?