Escentual came up with this brilliant idea of havin' 100 different bloggers blind trial 7 different micellar waters and then report back which sample proved to be the best. How smart is that, man?! These 7 different brands include stars such as Dior & Caudalie, but until the final day of this trial, you will have no idea which bottle these are in! For now I can just pretend I'm back at my chemistry class - sniff & trial these little buggers drop by drop.

Which micellar waters are in this trial? 
In two-weeks time I should be able to tell you which of the above is my favourite, and maybe I'll even try to guess which one is which. The only one I've tried before is Bioderma, which is one of the products I sort of regret buying - so I do believe that I should be able to tell which one it is - if not then that's gonna be a tad embarrassing, haha!

Which one of the micellar waters above do you think is going to be the best out of all of them?