Today's a totally different story than it was last Saturday - I swapped the whole happy-hippie for a casual but sophisticated Im-a-flippin'-sailor look (& I scrubbed off all my fake tan off my face)! It's so simple - you can't go wrong with a rather porcelain skin, bright red lip, black eyeliner with a navy-toned outfit. Now, all you need to do is wait for sun!

I've been wearing this pair of H&M print trousers almost every day since I got them (thanks God I only got them last week! *phew*). Not only that the print is very subtle (it doesn't make me look like I've got double-the-size thighs than I actually have), the price tag was another thing that made me skip around the shop with joy (just a little). They cost £4.50! Not even five quid! The material is really comfortable and even the length is perfect - and that doesn't happen too often, with my midgety legs!

I paired the trousers with a simple black H&M tank top & a sheer dark navy Primarni shirt (which is probably 3 years old now, oops - might be my longest-owned Primarni item!). I think you could actually say that these sheer Primark shirts have become a sort of staple in my wardrobe - I wear them in all seasons, have got about hundred of them (all colours, shapes and prints), but man - they are so comfy & you can layer them all the way - with tank tops, tops, jumpers.. there are no limits!

To look a little bit more summery I've sprayed my hair with my new Fudge Salt Spray (this IS summer in a bottle, not even joking - I'll tell you more about it in a few days' time) and added my cracked sunnies from.. oh no, no Ray bans (I don't even know how to spell it, pfft!), these are my trusty Primark aviators! And, well, as per usual Cookie (if you're sick of him posing in every single outfit post, then it's your problem really *grumpy cat face*). 

Are you getting excited about summer like me?
Have you already booked your holidays?